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Sheriff's Report, 7-27-14

sheriff new logo 2014SHERIFF J. AUSTIN DANIEL

07-27-14  Clayton M. Rizzutto  23  Denham Springs, LA
Speeding 68/45; Reckless Operation; Flight From An Officer; No Insurance;
No License Plate 

07-30-14  Sidney K. Pecora Jr.  27   Baker, LA
Driving While Intoxicated 2nd Offense; Careless Operation; Open Container;
No Seat Belt 

08-01-14  Tylannia T. Warr  20  New Roads, LA
Speeding 97/65;  No Drivers License 

08-02-14  Montreal L. Thomas  42  St. Francisville, LA
Disturbing The Peace By Fighting 

08-04-14  Clinton Johnson  17  St. Francisville, LA
Disturbing The Peace 

08-07-14  Blair E. Baker  29  Wakefield, LA
Principal To 2nd Degree Cruelty To Juveniles 

08-07-14  Willis Comena, Sr.  73  Baton Rouge, LA
West Feliciana Parish Ordinance Livestock At Large 

08-08-14  Storm P. Erie 25  Zachary, LA
Ran Stop Sign; Driving Under Suspension; No Insurance; Broken Tail Light 

08-09-14  Jaylon O. Ferguson  18  St. Francisville, LA
Second Degree Battery 

August 8 – 14
127 Bags 

Angola employee arrested for malfeasance in office

At approximately 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, Louisiana State Penitentiary Investigations Unit assisted the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office with the arrest of Louisiana State Penitentiary maintenance employee, Danny B. Daniel, 64, of 11646 Powell Station Road, for malfeasance in office. Daniel has been employed at the prison since 2007. His bond was set at $25,000.

No cell phones in school zones

wfpso cell phone banThere are many new state laws that went into effect on August 1, 2014, and The West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office would like to highlight one: the school zone cell phone ban.

Motorists are now prohibited from using any type of hand held wireless communications device while traveling through school zones during posted hours. The law includes use of a cellular or wireless devices for engaging in a voice call, accessing, reading, or posting to a social networking site, and/or writing, sending, or reading a text-based communication. The school zone cell phone ban does not apply if the device is being used to report an emergency, is being used in a hands-free manner, or while the vehicle is lawfully parked.

Upon first violation of the school zone ban the fine is $175, subsequent violations can be up to $500, and if a crash occurs during the time of the violation, fines can be increased.

As a reminder, West Feliciana Parish school zone times are 7AM to 9AM and 2PM to 4PM Monday through Friday when school is in session.

Many statistics back up the decision to ban cell phone use in school zones. It is a proven fact that performing two or more tasks at the same time generally results in decreased performance of each task. It is also proven that distracted drivers are at 6 times greater risk of being involved in a collision when dialing a phone and at 23 times greater risk when texting. Drivers not wearing seat belts are 35 percent more likely to be distracted as compared to drivers wearing seatbelts. This indicates that unbelted drivers may perceive and evaluate risks differently or have personalities prone to risky behavior resulting in inappropriate decision making while driving.

Therefore the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office will diligently enforce the new law banning hand held wireless communication devices in school zones.

To read about all of the new laws, visit Scroll down and click on ‘Act Numbers to Bills Passed’. 

Fight Fraud, Waste & Abuse

fight-fraud-250x250Contact the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) Hotline if you suspect the misappropriation (theft), fraud, waste, or abuse of public funds by anyone.

Information provided to the LLA Hotline may result in an investigation, audit or other review.

When providing information to the LLA Hotline, please include sufficient detail (describing who, what, where, when, why, and how) to allow us to fully evaluate your information. Although we will consider anonymous information, providing us with your name and telephone number will allow us to contact you with any additional questions that we have.

Your name and telephone number, as well as the status of complaints, are confidential.

>> Click Here To Fight Fraud <<

You may also call toll-free: 

Or FAX to: 

Or report via U.S. Mail: 
LLA Hotline
P. O. Box 94397
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

>> Click here to print out a report form to send via email << 

Sheriff's Report, 7-20-14

sheriff new logo 2014SHERIFF J. AUSTIN DANIEL

07-20-14  Amanda K. Ford  33  Lottie, LA
Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offense; Speeding 74/55; Battery Of A Police Officer; Resisting Arrest; Simple Criminal Damage To Property 

07-21-14  Delvin D. Whitaker  34  Baton Rouge, LA
Bench Warrant Criminal Neglect Of Family (2 Counts)

07-23-14  Willie Hinton  53  St. Francisville, LA
Driving Under Suspension 

07-23-14  Miguel O. McCray  19  St. Francisville, LA
Bench Warrant 2nd Degree Battery 

07-24-14  Russell J. Betts  29  St. Francisville, LA
Probation Violator 

07-25-14  Kerry Mitchell  33  Belle Rose, LA
Bench Warrant Disturbing The Peace 

07-25-14  Reginald Newman  31  Woodville, MS
Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offense; Improper Lane Usage; Driving Under Suspension; Required Head Lamps

07-26-14  Andropolis M. Lee  30  St. Francisville, LA
Possession Of Synthetic Marijuana With Intent To Sell; Illegal Carrying of A

07-26-14  Arthur L. Netterville  38  Woodville, MS
Possession Of Marijuana 2nd Offense

August 4, 2014  -  August 7, 2014               
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