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Sheriff’s Office RENEWAL Tax Information

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Early Voting Dates:
October 21st – 28th              

Election Date:

November 4th

During the November 4, 2014 election, voters will be asked whether to RENEW a 5.77 mill tax for the Sheriff’s Office in West Feliciana Parish.
The item on the ballot will read as follows:
PW Law Enforcement Dist. - 5.77 Mills - Sheriff - 5 Yrs.  (Select Yes/No)
This tax was first approved by voters in 1993 and provides 41% of the Sheriff’s Office total millage. The tax has been successfully renewed by voters every 5 years since 1993.  Since the last renewal, the Sheriff’s Office has maintained or increased operations without asking for more from the voters.

For more information, ask to speak with Sheriff Daniel at the courthouse annex Monday thru Friday, 8am to 4:30pm or call 635-3241.



Cost Saving Measures:

·        Practicing Attrition
·        Work Release Program
·        Implemented Divisional Budgets
·        Monthly Budget Analysis
·        Equipment Standardization
·        Fit for Duty, Fit for Life Wellness Program
·        Specialized Training to Reduce Insurance Premiums

The Sheriff’s Office has 71 full time employees:
·        15 Uniform Patrol
·        14 Detention
·        8 Investigations/Narcotics
·        9 Communications/911
·        4 Civil/Tax Collection/Fines and Fees
·        4 Maintenance
·        2 Courthouse Security
·        4 School Resource Officers
·        3 Accounting/Human Resources
·        6 Administration
·        1 Homeland Security / Emergency Preparedness
·        1 Training

Call Volume:
·        The call volume is dramatically increasing and yet we are able to maintain our level of service.
·        In 1999, the Sheriff’s Office received 2712 calls for assistance.
·        In 2000, 3890 calls.
·        In 2013, 11,000 calls.
·        In 2014 (Jan-Jul), 7,580 calls.

In 2013, the Sheriff’s Office had:
·        11,000   CAD Dispatches
·        5,500     911 Calls
·        55,000   NCIC Checks (Criminal/Drivers License Checks)
·        45,000   Incoming and Outgoing Calls
·        8,400 People checked in and out of the courthouse
·        970 Detention Center Bookings, 0 escapes
·        347 inmate transport hours
·        102 Days of court
·        10 Substance Abuse Program Completions

In 2013, the Civil Division:
  • Collected and disbursed $21.5 Million in taxes
  • Collected and disbursed $640,000 in Parish License Fees, Garnishments, Fines, Court Costs, Bond Fees and Accident Reports
  • Conducted 11 Sheriff’s Sales
  • Served over 6,000 Papers (Civil and Criminal)
  • Animal Control averages about 20 calls per week or 950 per year
  • Litter Patrol collecting approximately 125 bags per week or 6,500 annually
Criminal Investigations:The Sheriff’s Office has a 20-30% higher case closure rate than the regional and national average.

Narcotics / Investigations:
In 2013, the Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division had 56 cases resulting in 67 arrests.

Uniform Patrol:
In 2013, WFPSO Uniform Patrol responded to 6,240 incidents, which included traffic stops, alarm calls, 911 hang ups, auto accidents, public assistance, reckless operations, suspicious persons, and disturbances.

WFPSO assists Angola with a variety of operations and events.

School Resource:
WFPSO provides 4 School Resource Officers, security and escorts for sporting events and after school activities, DARE, and traffic control before/after school.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Council:
The West Feliciana Parish Drug and Alcohol Awareness Council provides guest speakers at the schools throughout the year and hosts annual events like the health fair, mini farm, vets fest, summer fun day, open house, and more.

Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness:
WFPSO coordinates homeland security efforts for the entire parish

For more information, ask to speak with Sheriff Daniel at the courthouse annex Monday thru Friday, 8am to 4:30pm or call 635-3241.

Sheriff's Report 10-5-14

sheriff new logo 2014SHERIFF J. AUSTIN DANIEL

10-06-14  Kerry R. Patton  41  St. Francisville, LA 
Aggravated Assault 

10-06-14  Sean C. Robinson  44  St. Francisville, LA
Domestic Abuse Battery 

10-07-14  Jessie J. Adams  34  Rayville, LA
Bench Warrant Criminal Neglect Of Family

10-07-14  Billy J. Rayburn  34  Lake Charles, LA
Simple Escape 

10-07-14  Donna R. White  26  St. Francisville, LA
Speeding 60/45; Driving Under Suspension; Expired MVI

10-09-14  Antjuan Q. Simpson  32  Baton Rouge, LA
Speeding 60/45; Driving Under Suspension 

10-09-14  Scott R. Augustine  23  Mansura, LA
Possession With Intent To Distribute Synthetic Marijuana 

10-09-14  Delaney Davis  32  St. Francisville, LA
Simple Robbery; Flight From An Officer   

10-09-14  Arthur L. Netterville  38  Woodville, MS
Domestic Abuse Battery 

10-09-14  Jamica R. Warren  25  Bogalusa, LA
Possession With Intent To Distribute Synthetic Marijuana


September 30 -  October 9

218 Bags 


Sensationalized media report inaccurately portrayed activities of long time West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office Captain

Sensationalized media report inaccurately portrayed activities of long time West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office Captain

taylor michaelA Louisiana State Police Internal Affairs investigation was conducted in reference to allegations of misconduct on the part of West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office Captain Michael Taylor.

On July 19, 2014, Capt. Taylor contacted his supervisor and made him aware of comments posted about him (Capt. Taylor) on a website on July 18, 2014.

A former acquaintance of Capt. Taylor’s acknowledged to Louisiana State Police investigators that she started the post to inform readers that she believed that there were several complaints and concerns that needed to be addressed involving Capt. Taylor.

Serious accusations were made by this person, therefore Sheriff Daniel felt it was best that the investigation be handed over to Louisiana State Police.

“We strive for the utmost professionalism from all of our personnel, therefore we asked an outside agency to investigate this matter,” said Sheriff Daniel. “We believe that State Police has conducted a comprehensive investigation and left no stone unturned. We are presenting these findings to you so that you will have the facts.”

Seven allegations were made about Capt. Taylor and Louisiana State Police investigated each one to the fullest extent. Sufficient evidence was found to support only one of the seven allegations. The other allegations were either exonerated or not sustained. Exonerated means the incident occurred but was lawful and proper or was justified under existing conditions or policy. Not sustained means that there was not sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation.

The following is a summary of the sustained allegation along with the Louisiana State Police investigation findings.

Take Home Vehicle: It was alleged that Capt. Taylor used his police unit, both in and out of state, for personal use. This allegation is sustained, meaning there is sufficient evidence to prove a procedural violation.

The West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office provided investigators with a copy of the vehicle take home guidelines, which have been in effect since July 1, 2008.

Capt. Taylor currently lives in West Feliciana Parish but did reside in East Feliciana Parish for a period of time while employed with the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office. When Capt. Taylor was residing in East Feliciana Parish he should not have used his police unit while off-duty without prior approval from the Sheriff. Employees are permitted to get fuel in neighboring parishes while on-duty if necessary.

Detailed fuel logs are kept automatically each time a fuel card is swiped. Information such as the location, date, and amount of the purchase as well as which deputy used the card is logged. That information can then be compared to timesheets to determine if a deputy was on or off-duty at the time of the purchase.

Investigators reviewed West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office fuel records from December 17, 2010 to July 22, 2014, regarding Capt. Taylor’s fuel usage. The records were broken down into these categories: on-duty purchases outside of West Feliciana Parish; off-duty purchases outside of West Feliciana Parish; and out-of-state purchases.

A review of Capt. Taylor’s on-duty fuel purchases revealed no major discrepancies from his timesheets.

A review of Capt. Taylor’s off-duty fuel purchases revealed purchases in Jackson, LA and in Baton Rouge, LA.   Based on Capt. Taylor’s own admissions, his actions of using his police unit off-duty while residing in East Feliciana Parish were a violation of department policy. Between 2011 and 2014, Capt. Taylor purchased fuel approximately eleven times in violation of the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office Vehicle Take Home Policy.

A review of Capt. Taylor’s out-of-state fuel purchases revealed that purchases were made while performing duties for the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office. Documentation was provided which supported the purchases.

It should be noted that a local news media outlet obtained fuel records from the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office through a public records request. Their report implied that Capt. Taylor made multiple in-state purchases that were significantly distant from West Feliciana Parish and multiple out-of-state purchases. The records provided contained not only fuel purchases made by Capt. Taylor, but purchases made by other deputies of the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office, as notated in the “Site Legend” of the report. It is obvious from their report that the media outlet did not read the site legend appropriately, if at all.

For example, the media outlet reported fuel purchases in the following locations that, according to the site legend, were actually made by other deputies entirely: Metairie, LA; Scott, LA; Coushatta, LA; Destin, FL; Spanish Fort, AL; and Pass Christian, MS. These purchases were made by other deputies who were attending training for the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office.

There were fuel purchases made by Capt. Taylor which were a significant distance from West Feliciana, but all were determined to be work related.

As a result of the one sustained finding of this investigation, and in accordance with the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office policy, Capt. Taylor has been appropriately disciplined.

Comments and speculation on social media are not news and are often inaccurate.

“While we recognize that free speech is a vital part of our society, we urge citizens to seriously consider how their comments and posts on social media might impact other people,” said Sheriff Daniel.

“Capt. Taylor was tried in the court of public opinion while this investigation was taking place. We hope that these facts will set the record straight and that Capt. Taylor will remain in high regard in the eyes of our citizens,” said Sheriff Daniel.

Capt. Taylor has been employed with the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office for 14 years and is currently the Captain of Uniform Patrol where he supervises approximately 20 employees. Capt. Taylor has been instrumental in many cases and is an integral part of the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office. 

WFPSO Deputies Receive Distinguished Service Award

brian mike award
PHOTO: WFPSO Capt. Brian Spillman, WFPSO Dep. Mike Dreher, LPSO Sgt. Carl Childers, and EBRSO Dep. John Buie were awarded by EBR Sheriff Sid Gautreaux for their participation in a marine rescue.

Award Citation

In support of Medal of Valor:
EBRSO Deputy John Buie
LPSO Sergeant Carl Childers

In support of Distinguished Service Award:
WFSO Captain Brian Spillman
WFSO Deputy Mike Dreher


Incident:  Rescue on Mississippi River, August 30, 2014


On Saturday, August 30, 2014, the EBRSO Marine Search & Rescue Division was conducting a marine security operation as the lead agency and part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force 7 (JTF7) in the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge.

The operation was the second annual "Big River Regional" paddleboat race event where participants race 14 miles from downtown Baton Rouge to the Lauberge Casino on YOLO boards (large surfboards). The race participants stand up on the YOLO boards and propel themselves with a large paddle. This activity is a form of exercise and has recently expanded nationwide to become a competitive sport. 

As part of the event, JTF7, the US Coast Guard, and Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, is responsible for securing an outer perimeter to make sure no boaters interfere with the race and put the participants at risk. To provide a legal framework, the US Coast Guard declares a "Safety Zone" where all vessel traffic on the Mississippi River between downtown Baton Rouge and the Lauberge Casino is stopped during the race.

Each security boat was assigned to a specific sector during the event. EBRSO Reserve Deputy John Buie, ID 7066, and Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office Deputy, Sergeant Carl Childers, LP-323, were assigned to work on the EBRSO SAFE Boat, SO28, in a sector covering the river near LSU Tiger Stadium. Deputy Buie was assigned as "primary coxswain" and was responsible for operation of the boat. Sgt. Childers was serving as "boat crew." Other boats were assigned to other sectors spanning the entire 14 miles of the river. To see specific assignments, refer the Operation Plan available upon request.

Located within the SO28 sector was an Army Corp of Engineers Dredge barge. The 200-foot long dredge barge was anchored on the west side of the river. The dredge consists of a large tow boat with a cabled boom hoist on the front to raise and lower the dredge cutting bit. On the rear of the dredge boat is a large pipe approximately 100 yards long where dug up mud is pumped during the operation. For the race, the dredging operations had stopped. The dredge boat was anchored with two anchors and cutting operations had ceased; however, the pumps were still operating causing water to spray from the end of the large pumping pipe.

At approximately 0930 hours, Deputy Buie observed several participants near the dredge barge. Recognizing a potential hazard, Deputy Buie positioned the EBRSO patrol boat where he and Deputy Childers could observe the participants. As one of the participants, Tara Jeffers, a 30-year old female, was paddling in front of the dredge barge, she lost her balance and fell into the water. Since the current was swift, she was carried into the open water intake area of the barge with no means to escape the heavy cabling of the large boom. With the presence of the heavy cabling, she was at extreme risk of becoming entangled and drowned. If she was able to escape the cabling, Ms. Jeffers was going to be pulled under the barge by the strong current. Either situation would have been fatal.

Immediately recognizing the danger to Ms. Jeffers’ life, Deputy Buie began the only rescue that would give Ms. Jeffers a chance at survival; however, that attempt that would place both himself and his crewman at risk. In addition, since the barge had long anchoring cables on boat sides, Deputy Buie realized he would not be able to move the EBRSO boat out of danger once the commitment was made to conduct the rescue.

Without regard to his own safety, Deputy Buie immediately moved the boat into position for Sgt. Childers, to throw a rescue line to Ms. Jeffers. Deputy Buie quickly moved the 28-foot long boat between the two anchoring cables and placed the 28-foot boat sideways along the front of the barge.

Since he acted without hesitation, Deputy Buie was able to maneuver to within 10-feet of Ms. Jeffers. Note that any hesitation would have meant the current would have carried the victim out of range of a rescue line and under the dredge barge. As a result of Deputy Buie’s extraordinary decisiveness in determining a plan of action, he was able to move the EBRSO patrol boat to approximately 10-feet of Ms. Jeffers.

As the boat was being pushed by the current against the catwalk on the front of the barge, Sergeant Childers immediately reacted by deploying a rescue line where Ms. Jeffers could grab hold. Note that Sgt. Childers had to place himself on the dangerous side of the boat, between the EBRSO patrol boat and the barge, in order to deploy the rescue line.  Sgt. Childers skillfully deployed the rescue line and, as a result, Sgt. Childers pulled Ms. Jeffers to safety in the EBRSO patrol boat. Ms. Jeffers was not injured.

As part of Deputy Buie's decision, he had to place SO28 into a dangerous position between the two dredge boat anchoring cables on the front of the boat. In order to get close enough to rescue Ms. Jeffers, SO28 had to be placed broadside along the front of the dredge boat. There was no other positioning where rescuers could have reached Ms. Jeffers before being taken under the dredge boat.

Deputy Buie could have taken a more conservative attempt to rescue Ms. Jeffers by pulling alongside the starboard side of the dredge barge and instructing his boat crewman to climb on-board the barge with a line. However, this strategy would have taken too long and Ms. Jeffers would have probably been pulled under the barge by the current.

Since SO28 was being pushed flat against the front of the dredge barge by the current and was bound between anchoring cables, Deputy Buie was not able to get SO28 back to a safe position. Since the current was constantly pushing SO28, there was a significant risk that the EBRSO patrol boat, along with the crew, would be pushed under the barge by the current.  As a result of SO28 being pushed against the large dredge boat by the current, SO28 had scraping along the upper handrail on the port side.

Another JTF7 SAFE Boat owned by the West Feliciana Sheriff's Office, operated by Captain Brian Spillman, WFSO, and crewed by Deputy Mike Dreher, WFSO, witnessed the rescue. Captain Spillman has over thirty years experience of small boat handling. Captain Spillman immediately recognized the EBRSO patrol boat would be stuck in position and at extreme risk of being pulled under the barge by the current and moved his WFSO patrol boat into a position to tow the EBRSO patrol boat to safety with an emergency tow.

Capt. Spillman and Deputy Dreher made three attempts to get a towline to the EBRSO patrol boat by making slow passes near the boat. On Capt. Spillman's third pass along the dredge barge, they were able to get a tow line to the ERBSO patrol boat extract the EBRSO patrol boat from the front of the dredge boat.

While Deputy Buie was connecting the towline, Capt. Spillman’s skill at boat handling was critical since he had to keep the WFSO boat in proper position while managing the strong river current and maneuvering around the anchoring cables. Once connected, Capt. Spillman was able to successfully extract the EBRSO patrol boat from the locked position and pull the boat and crew to safety.

As a result of the movement of the boat and Deputy Buie handling the towline, Deputy Buie's hand was caught in the line causing a dislocation to the knuckle joint on his left hand and small laceration to his right forearm. For more information, refer to the Duty Related Injury Report for Deputy Buie.

As the Commander of the EBRSO Marine Search & Rescue Division and the Operation Commander for the Big River Regional event, I am recommending the following EBRSO awards:

1.     Medal of Valor: EBRSO Deputy John Buie. Deputy Buie demonstrated exceptional courage and decisiveness by taking actions to save a life without regard to his personal safety. Deputy Buie’s actions placed himself in danger, and, in fact, Deputy Buie was injured during the rescue.   Deputy Buie’s skilled boat handling and other swift actions on August 30, 2014 were clearly above and beyond the call of duty and directly resulted in saving a life.

2.     Medal of Valor: LPSO Sergeant Carl Childers. Sergeant Childers acted swiftly and without regard to his own safety by placing himself in a dangerous position to save a life.  Without Sergeant Childers’ prompt actions disregarding his own personal safety, there would have not been enough time to get a rescue line to the victim. Clearly, Sergeant Childers’ actions were above and beyond the call of duty.

3.     Distinguished Service Award: WFSO Captain Brian Spillman. Captain Spillman’s reaction to the events resulted in his boat being in the proper position as soon as the victim was pulled from the river.  Captain’s Spillman’s courageous actions put his own boat dangerously close to the anchoring cables and the front of the dredge barge, but allowed him and his crew to pull the EBRSO crew to safety.

4.     Distinguished Service Award: WFSO Deputy Mike Dreher. Deputy Dreher acted courageously to keep attempting to connect a towline to the stuck EBRSO patrol boat even though his own boat was dangerously close to the front of the barge. Due to Deputy Dreher’s actions under duress and danger, an emergency towline was connected and the EBRSO boat and crew were pulled to safety.

Sheriff Daniel injured at Angola Rodeo

ORIGINAL 10-5-14

Sheriff Daniel was injured Sunday, October 5 in an accident at the Angola Rodeo. He was on his horse participating in the Angola Rodeo when the horse spooked. The Sheriff fell and his horse fell on top of him.

Emergency responders were on site and transported the Sheriff to the WFP Hospital immediately. He was later transferred to a hospital in Baton Rouge where he stayed the night. 

The Sheriff has three broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken collarbone, but he is expected to make a full recovery. 


UPDATE 10-7-14

Sheriff Daniel was released from the hospital today to continue his recovery at home. He is doing well, but is experiencing a lot of pain.

Day to day operations at the WFPSO will remain the same and we will keep in close contact with Sheriff Daniel throughout his recovery. 

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