Transitional Work Program

West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office Transitional Work Program

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 4PM
Phone: 225-635-3807
FAX: 225-635-3810
Wardens Office: 225-784-6314
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 2876; St. Francisville, LA 70775
Physical Address: 9942 West Feliciana Parkway; St. Francisville, LA; 70775

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I initiate a phone call with an offender?

Unless it is a verifiable emergency, we do not answer calls for offenders. Offenders must be the ones to initiate phone calls.

How do I put money on an offender’s phone account?

The West Feliciana Parish Detention Center offers phone and video calling. Please visit to add money to an account for an offender or call 1-318-746-1144 for assistance. When setting up an account, please remember that the offender will only be able to call the person who registers with City Tele Coin. ***More than one person per offender can register with City Tele Coin.***

How do I bring items to an offender?

Items and packages can only be mailed to the Transitional Work Program after approval from the Warden.

When can I visit an offender?

Sundays ONLY

  • •Visiting Times: 1:00pm- 4:00pm
  • •What to Bring: Visitors can only bring their ID card into the Transitional Work Program. NO: purses, bags, cell phones, electronic devices, food, weapons. (not an exhaustive list) All visitors are subject to be searched upon entry.
  • •Dress Code: All visitors must be dressed appropriately. NO: halter tops, tank tops, see through clothing, low-cut articles of clothing, exposed torso, mini-skirts or mini-dresses, sundresses, camouflage, any form of seductive garments. (not an exhaustive list) Shorts and skirts must reach mid-thigh.

How do I send mail to an offender?

Only LETTERS may be mailed to offenders. Items and packages CAN be mailed, delivered, or brought directly to the Transition Work Program upon approval by the Warden. Absolutely NO food items are to be sent to offenders. Letters should be addressed and mailed to as follows:

Offenders Name
West Feliciana Parish Transitional Work Program
Post Office Box 2876
St. Francisville, LA 70775

Please note: All letters are opened and inspected by TWP employees in order to search for “contraband” prior to being delivered to the offender. Letters containing perfume, stickers or stamps, water stains, or sexually explicit content will be returned to sender.

How do I put money on an offenders Commissary account?

You may add money to an offenders account online at, download app or call 1-855-700-0077. You will need to know the offender’s first and last name and have your credit card information readily available.

What programs are available for offenders at the Transitional Work Program?

Programs currently available to offenders are: Parenting, Thinking for A Change, Living in Balance, Cage Your Rage, Substance Abuse, Library Services, Access to Legal Books, and Religious Programs. Classes are held on a weekly basis.