Captain Michaela McNeal

Criminal Investigations / Narcotics

Criminal Investigations / Narcotics

The Investigations Division is responsible for investigating crimes throughout West Feliciana Parish. Our team of highly trained and dedicated professionals use both high tech forensics devices and traditional investigative methods to serve our community. While Narcotics are a large part of their work, our detectives also work tirelessly to solve property and personal crimes, recover property, and locate fugitives, suspects and missing persons.

W.F.P.S.O. Investigators are responsible for criminal investigations at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Investigations include homicide, rape, battery on a correctional officer just to name a few.

As a team, they are committed to learning and developing their skills so they can efficiently and effectively investigate any crime within the parish using cutting edge tech and deductive reasoning.

The Investigation Division is trained in these areas:
Crime Scene Forensics • Domestic Violence • Crimes involving Juveniles • Cold Cases • Internet Crimes Against Children • Narcotics • Sex Offender Compliance • Worthless Checks • Elderly Services • Water Rescue