Katie Gray

Communications Supervisor

The Communications Division conducts all parish emergency Dispatch and 9-1-1 operations from the Emergency Operations Center. All emergency calls for public safety assistance are answered at the 9-1-1 Center, which is staffed by highly trained Emergency Communications Officers. The Communications Division is staffed 24/7 to be the first person contacted after dialing 9-1-1.

The Communications Division is responsible for gathering pertinent information, prioritizing requests for assistance and accurately sending the appropriate response to callers in need of Sheriff, Police, Fire and EMS assistance, as well as town, parish and state utilities throughout all of West Feliciana Parish.

The Emergency Communications Officers utilize a sophisticated computer aided dispatch and mapping system to determine the appropriate response agencies and to track their responses from the time of the request to the completion of the incident. With the highly intelligent, Next Generation 9-1-1 phone system, these Emergency Communications Officers are able to manage all emergency and non-emergency calls for West Feliciana Parish with sophistication and speed. Through the utilization of the 700/800MHz digital radio system, the Communications Division has direct contact with the surrounding parishes that make up the State of Louisiana’s Region II, as well as the entire State of Louisiana. This network allows for quick and effective inter-operable coordination for multi-agency and/or multi-parish response.

The Communications Division also serves as the coordination and control point for all emergency responders within the Parish.