Warden Grady Gagnard

Detention Center

The W.F.P.S.O.’s Detention Center strives to ensure public safety, the safety of offenders, as well as the safety of the staff. The objective of the Detention Center staff is to enforce the penal laws of the state of Louisiana and of the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The W.F.P.S.O.’s Detention Center has a maximum capacity of 39 and houses pre-trial, parish, and Department of Corrections offenders.

In an effort to assist offenders in bettering themselves, the W.F.P.S.O. provides programs such as Living in Balance and GED classes and all offenders are encouraged to participate in one or both.

The Detention Center is operated 24/7 by one Warden, two Administrative Office Personnel, 12 full time deputies and 4 part time deputies. In addition, the Detention Center also has two full time transport officers that double as school traffic officers and assist with Courtroom Security.